Your treasure awaits


We built our ad server from the ground up to support the needs of today's modern publishers and app developers. Our customers trust our ad serving stack to create, manage, and monetize responsive native ad experiences across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Mediation Waterfall

Hope you brought your poncho! Publishers keep afloat by managing all the networks in their waterfall to maximize yield.

Revenue Forecast

The wizarding world of deciphering and predicting revenue growth.


Your advertisers, brands and agencies sail on the USS Self Serve, a complete console for buyers.

Network 1

All aboard! Purchase advertising inventory and sell on a per-impression basis in real-time. Coming into port, Network 1 only uses RTB for advertising transactions.

Network 2

Network 2 is off to sea using RTB and self serve.

Network 3

Network 3 is smooth sailing with a hard working sales team and speedy self serve.

DSP & Deal ID

This ship provides technology for media buyers to purchase ad placements. Publishers and advertisers utilizing DSPs enter via this exclusive deal identifier to match supply with demand.

White Label

Large publisher networks, publishing platforms, and ad exchanges use AdsNative to power their native ad businesses. A complete white label solution for ad serving, campaign management, and self serve automated buying.

Private Marketplace

Create your own private marketplaces for preferred clients or inventory segments. Tap into additional demand with Deal ID's so your direct clients can access your inventory programmatically with their DSP of choice.


All aboard! Purchase advertising inventory and sell on a per-impression basis in real-time.

Targeting Tower

With AdsNative’s key-value targeting, publishers have the opportunity to define their own targeting criteria based on age, gender or content.

Forest of Forecasting

Between the haunting trees, revenue predictability becomes hazy and foggy without AdsNative’s revenue forecasting tool.

Latency Lagoon

Where hacky solutions and excessive tags slow your load times like quicksand.

Social Sirens

Enchanting creatures who lure your consumers with stunning imagery and quick witted content.

Direct Sales Bridge

Publishers and developers can easily cross the bridge for more control over sale and placement of native ads.

Sales Fish

Under the sea, these fish work hard to generate enough revenue to lead you to the Palace of Profit.


Watch your head as you enter the warehouse of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications.


This is the final step in the ad proposal process.


Have a request for proposal? Bring your boat into port and let’s chat.

Money Manor

Congratulations! Using Demand Manager you've made yourself more profitable and entered Money Manor.

Palace of Profit

Your Enterprise as a management solution paid off! You’ve landed in a decadent palace.

3rd Party Self Serve

Caution: steps are slippery. Once a publisher opens APIs, a few approved companies and partners can push ads.

White Label Self Serve

Brands, Agencies and Advertisers: Welcome to the island! Buy directly from a publisher without complex integrations.

Ad Removing Raccons

Nocturnal beasts that crawl through publisher sites looking to scrounge all advertisements.

Ad Blocker Birds

Fly through the sky searching for pesky pop-ups and bulky banners.

Targeted User Villiage

You’ve been chosen! An ad customized just for your customers.

Trade Winds

Be wary of the winds, business-to-business advertising might just knock you over.


Clients and customers come aboard! Once we leave harbor, agencies will purchase advertisements on your behalf.

Cave of Cash

Collect your earnings!

Manage all your demand on one platform. Open up to our marketplace of programmatic buyers for more demand. We provide a direct connection between publishers and buyers without the exchange tax so you keep all of the revenue. Learn More
The tools you need to create, sell, manage and service your own advertising business. Developer friendly and demand agnostic, our Enterprise allows for direct selling and immediate access to our programmatic demand sources. Learn More