AdsNative is excited to unveil its new name: Polymorph!

Revenue Technology Made Simple

We’re passionate about UX and have built our technology around speed and customization.

The Team

Satish Polisetti
Dhawal Mujumdar
Lewis Rothkopf
Kuldeep Kapade
Head of Engineering
Max Gutman
Xuening Sun,PhD
VP, Data Products
Sreekanth Kalapur
VP, Mobile Engineering
Vishak Nag Ashoka
Director, Client Engineering
Sam Merry
Lead DevOps Engineer
Subir Chowdhuri
Lead Software Engineer
Ryan Stafford
Director, Client Success
Syma Mian
Sales Director
Rasha Aweiss
HR & Office Manager
Seungjoon Lee
Principal Data Engineer
Teresa Yung
Software Engineer
Karthik Prabhu
Software Engineer
Arvind Bhardwaj
Software Engineer
Aveek Mukhopadhyay
Software Engineer
Itai Reuveni
Software Engineer
Shaheeda Begum
Solution Engineer
Manu Gupta
Manager Client Success
Meet Us

Advisors + Investors

Here at Polymorph (formerly AdsNative) we’re all geeks at heart. We like to work with the best and brightest in the businesses like Greg Bardos, Keval Desai, Chas Edwards and David Scacco. We don’t want to brag but their combined experiences span incredible companies such as Google, Facebook, Luminate and Digg... just to name drop a few.

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